Now I See Excerpt


“…you’ll see how God’s hand brings His promises alive. Not so much for my benefit but for yours. So that you may see how the God of the universe watches the details of our pain. How He collects our tears in a bottle. How He hears our sobs, sees our anguish, and knows yesterday’s regrets. He knows the shame we keep zipped up in the secret compartment of our heart. And He’s so aware of the loneliness, insecurities, and worry that whisper in the silence of our nights. The journey will be surprising yet exciting. Each turn will take you higher, bring you closer, and show you greater things.

Are you ready? Then here’s a tissue. Wipe away that last tear, and let’s hop on the ride.”


“This captivating journey from tragedy to triumph through perseverance and deep faith in God will stir your heart and transform how you navigate life’s unthinkable challenges and unexpected adversities.”—Jason Noble, original true-life pastor Twentieth Century Fox movie Breakthrough.


“Talented author and speaker Janet Perez Eckles knows crushing disappointments. In Now I See! her story assures us that even when the news is devastating, God is still at work. Janet illuminates a path through anxiety, sorrow, and sleeplessness to the Source of hope, strength, and purpose.”—PeggySue Wells, international speaker and bestselling author of thirty-two books, including The Ten Best Decisions A Single Mom Can Make and The Patent


“Janet can see the invisible, and therefore God has done the impossible in her life. Her life story in Now I See! is riveting enough to feel as if you’re living it alongside her. Her tragedies turned to triumph are uniquely adventurous, compelling, and heartwarming, inspiring incredible hope, all because of God’s amazing grace. Janet’s story has encouraged me to embark on a new, vibrant journey of experiencing God’s greatest treasures in life. One I believe will lead me to my own victorious episodes and seasons.”—Kelly Ann Bradicich, founder and executive director

Kelly Ann Women's Ministry, Inc.