What Janet Eckles Offers

What does conference speaker, Janet Perez Eckles offer you?

Your group laughs, cries a bit, is moved with inspiration during the event, but transformed for a lifetime. Janet speaks to that person whose life was invaded by stress, fear, insecurities and overwhelmed by life.

Through Janet’s real-life illustrations your group leaves empowered to conquer their own trials, inspired to see their obstacles as opportunities, and eager to begin a new life rich with victory and success.

What makes Janet an authority in guiding her English- and Spanish-speaking audiences to that victory?

With God-given wisdom Janet tailors her presentations for both Christian or corporate groups.

When addressing Christian groups, Janet’s presentations detail the journey from sorrow to healing and triumphant living.  Each real-life illustration is rich with scriptural illustrations that showcase the power of God’s Word.

For corporate groups, Janet tailors a riveting message with humor, colorful details, and fresh insights. She challenges your group to defy all odds, to turn obstacles to opportunities, and

transform challenges into channels that reveal valuable potential.

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